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Current status: 2024-05-13 08:29
PosMaterialOD (mm)WT (mm) ID (mm)OD (inch)WT (inch) ID (inch)AvailableMe Surface AF
1NiTi 1,80,0951,610,07090,00370,0634 1,165m ground Max. 15 °C
2NiTi2,0190,2661,4870,07950,01050,0585 5,825m ground Max. 15 °C
3NiTi2,0320,281,4730,080,0110,05810,275m ground out-/oxidic insideMax. 15 °C
4NiTi2,120,321,480,08350,01260,058315,201m ground Max. 15 °C
5NiTi2,1590,0762,0070,0850,0030,079 6,875m ground Max. 15 °C
6NiTi2,160,341,480,0850,01340,058310,331m ground Max. 15 °C
7NiTi2,1610,0861,9890,08510,00340,078318,814m ground Max. 15 °C
8NiTi2,190,0792,0320,08620,00310,08 7,717m ground out-/oxidic insideMax. 15 °C
9NiTi2,2860,2161,8540,090,00850,07314,465m polished Max. 15 °C
10NiTi2,30,251,80,09060,00980,070920,198m ground Max. 15 °C
11NiTi2,30,51,30,09060,01970,051215,456m ground Max. 15 °C
12NiTi2,340,1720,09210,00670,0787 3,481m ground Max. 15 °C
13NiTi2,40,0762,2480,09450,0030,0885 4,064m ground Max. 15 °C
14NiTi2,430,1852,060,09570,00730,0811 7,041m polished Max. 15 °C
15NiTi2,5650,3811,8030,1010,0150,071 6,565m ground Max. 15 °C
16NiTi2,6180,0652,4880,10310,00260,098 5,159m ground Max. 15 °C
17NiTi2,6370,0742,4890,10380,00290,098 1,457m ground Max. 15 °C
18NiTi2,6370,0672,5030,10380,00260,0985 9,418m ground Max. 15 °C
19NiTi2,8320,3862,060,11150,01520,0811 6,128m ground Max. 15 °C
20NiTi2,8950,1142,6670,1140,00450,105 6,907m ground out-/oxidic insideMax. 15 °C
21NiTi3,20,542,120,1260,02130,0835 4,934m ground out-/oxidic insideMax. 15 °C
22NiTi3,3630,1023,1590,13240,0040,1244 4,277m ground Max. 15 °C
23NiTi40,43,20,15750,01570,126 1,701m polished Max. 15 °C
24NiTi4,370,2853,80,1720,01120,149613,249m ground Max. 15 °C
25NiTi5,0550,2034,6490,1990,0080,18311,399m polished Max. 15 °C
26NiTi5,840,125,60,22990,00470,2205 7,065m ground Max. 15 °C
27NiTi5,8930,5464,8010,2320,02150,189 2,098m ground Max. 15 °C
28NiTi60,15,80,23620,00390,2283 4,099m ground out-/oxidic insideMax. 15 °C
29NiTi60,550,23620,01970,1969 7,213m ground Max. 15 °C
30NiTi60,085,840,23620,00310,2299 4,194m ground Max. 15 °C
31NiTi60,0645,8720,23620,00250,2312 4,516m ground Max. 15 °C
32NiTi6,150,15,950,24210,00390,2343 5,328m ground Max. 15 °C
33NiTi70,16,80,27560,00390,2677 5,988m ground Max. 15 °C
34NiTi70,446,120,27560,01730,2409 7,702m ground out-/oxidic insideMax. 15 °C
35NiTi80,756,50,3150,02950,2559 3,757m ground Max. 15 °C
36NiTi100,68,80,39370,02360,3465 2,531m ground Max. 15 °C
37NiTi120,5110,47240,01970,4331 1,93m ground Max. 15 °C
38NiTi120,5510,90,47240,02170,4291 2,572m ground Max. 15 °C
39NiTi120,6610,680,47240,0260,4205 1,15m ground Max. 15 °C
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