Tubes, Wire, Sheet Material and Components

Businesses in the field of medical technology have diverse requirements when it comes to products and materials. EUROFLEX offers a wide range of materials that truly convince through their innovation and quality.

Used with preference in the field of medical technology, our semi-finished products serve as a basis for implants such as vascular support (stents) and a wide variety of other flexible medical instruments.


... with oxidized or ground surface
diameter 0,06 mm up to 20,00 mm
wall thickness 0,02 mm up to 1,20 mm
in fabrication length/fixed length

Further dimensions on request

Round Wire

... with oxidized or oxid-free surface
diameter 0,025 mm up to 20,00 mm

Flat and Profiled Wire

... with oxidized or oxid-free surface
thickness 0,10 mm up to 2,00 mm
width 0,50 mm up to 25,00 mm

Flat strip (continuously rolled)

... with oxidized surface
thickness 0,15 mm up to 1,20 mm
width strips up to 25,00 mm


Beside semi-finished products like wires, profiles or tubes, EUROFLEX also offers customer specified components. They can be cut, formed and bended. In addition EUROFLEX can offer various surface treatments like sand-blasting, trumbling, etching, polishing or plating. Combining those processing capabilities with Nitinol and it shape-setting properties opens a wide range to design functional components with superelastic or shape-memory behaviour.